Monday, September 19, 2011

Data Visualization and Analytics

"Do you know or do you think you know" is an oft repeated adage around the offices of Maroon Analytics, as we peer through clients' data sets and search for insight to enhance their businesses. While cleaning, filtering, and analyzing data will reveal which products, services, or even customers are the most profitable, and lead to a profit maximizing strategy, communicating those insights to clients is an entirely different matter.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Analytics, Metaphors and Asia

Metaphors and language might go some way towards explaining the varying acceptance of analytics in different cultures, particularly the low take-up in Asia.

Metaphors are known to significantly affect decision making. They trigger analogies and help us compare things that we are unfamiliar with; metaphors allow us to understand one concept in the context of another. They can also be dangerous because, although being ubiquitous, they are hidden within our language and often unnoticed. James Geary has an excellent talk in this subject on TED.